Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Mallory enjoyed her first Christmas this year and I couldn't help but think about last year when I was 9 months pregnant and wishing that she would come as soon as possible. Being that she was born on January 2nd, she didn't wait much longer to arrive. Almost a whole year has gone by and I have to stop and wonder where the time went?

Mallory was graced with a runny nose (or as Cousin Ivan would say, a "funny nose") for her first Christmas but it didn't seem to slow her down. Christmas eve is when the festivities began at Grandma and Grandpa Preston's. She had no interest in unwrapping her own gifts, but finally attempted when it was time to open mine. No worries though - Ivan was more then willing to help.

We then made our way to Grandma and Grandpa Sach's to open gifts. Mallory got a pink rocking horse that sings from her Grandparents and that was reason enough to stay up a little late. She didn't get into opening the gifts there either, but she did enjoy the ribbon tremendously.

Christmas morning was spent with Aunt Erin, Uncle Todd, Uncle Dan & Grandpa Morley. However, only a short time before it was time to open presents she decided to take a nap. Being that she had a "funny nose" I let her sleep through Christmas morning. So, on Mallory's first Christmas she opened gifts Christmas evening. After her nap, we headed over to Great Granny and Great Grandpa Morley's to open some more gifts. She loved being the center of attention and just made her way around the over-crowded room looking at all the gifts that were tore into. All in all I would say Mallory's first Christmas was a busy, enjoyable, and wonderful success.

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts and family time. We love you all and Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tomacco Play Group 2009

It has slowly become a yearly tradition for Marc's band members kids to get together for what I am calling the "Tomacco Play Group." Being that we are all very busy and literally scattered all over the state, it is difficult for us all to get together frequently so when an opportunity presents itself to come together, we jump at the chance.

This year's play group consisted five kids ready to eat, play, and thank goodness, nap. I think that everyone had a good time, and the kids seemed to love the interaction. It was an exhausting day - but in a good way. The kids played so hard that Mallory went to bed almost an hour early, and though the moms had to keep close eyes on their little ones, we were able to interact and have adult conversations even while playing with our kids.

Can't wait until next year, the tradition has become one of our favorites.

Katherine and Liam at nap time
Welcome the first timer Simon to the play group!

Abbey, the oldest teaching the younger ones how to share.
Griffin following his sisters lead...
And guess who is upset because she isn't getting her way? I think it is almost bed time!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jackson Family Christmas!

Every year, we head out to Marysville to celebrate Christmas with the extended family on Marc's mothers side. This was Mallory's first year celebrating with us and proved to have a wonderful time. She crawled around the entire place looking for new people to meet. She was, however, less likely to stand in her shoes as we learned, but that didn't stop her from perusing the room and scoping all the sights to be seen.

Grandma and Mallory
Aunt Kelly and Mallory
The classic, "don't take pictures of me while I am eating face."
Ivan snuck up on Mallory under the table and grabbed her hand. It was very sweet!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mallory meets Santa

Last week my company held their annual Winter Wonderland. This consists of food, games, a horse drawn carriage ride, a polar express ride, a live reindeer and...Santa. So, we decided to take Mallory to meet Santa for the first time. She didn't cry but did look extremely confused as to why we forced her to sit on this mans lap and then stare at her giggling and snapping picture after picture.

She did very well and got to do some socializing too. Her friends Parker, Connor, Oliver, and Rylan were all there too enjoying the festivities.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Family Photos from the Morley Side

Over Thanksgiving break, my cousin Lindsey orchestrated times to get together with everyone and take family portraits and photos for my Grandmother for Christmas. They turned out very good and some very funny. I am not sure which ones will make the cut for the Christmas present, but here are some that may make the cut...

The whole Morley Family
The Poland's

The Morley Kids

The Morley Kids with Dad

The Morley kids with their families

Marc and Todd. The crazy ones who decided to join the Morley family!

The boys being goofy.

The soon-to-be Sesto's!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Turkey Day 2009 was full of a lot of family, food, and fun. Aside from Mallory getting thrown completely off her schedule, she was quite happy and seemed to be there to entertain. She ate dinner with us (at our several Thanksgivings...) and gobbled down her Turkey. She loved it! She also was a fan of the rolls, Broccoli Casserole, and the stuffing. We only broke out the camera at Grandma Sachs due to the chaos that surrounded the other gatherings, but we still seemed to get some good shots.

Happy Thanksgiving!