Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The struggle to stay awake...

The past couple of days, Mallory has not been sleeping through the night (like she had been for quite awhile) and was waking us up at 4:15 AM instead of us waking her up at 7:00 AM (like it normally was). So, as a result of this curious change, she has been attempting to go to sleep at 6:30 every evening instead of her regular 7:30 or 8:00 bedtime. So, naturally I attempt to keep her awake the best I can. It usually doesn't go as planned...

Dozing off....

And...we're out.

Mommy woke her up singing and dancing. Apparently a bit startled...

And out again...

Awake again. Time for bed...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh, look. I have hands!

Mallory has finally realized that she has hands and therefore has decided they are the coolest things ever. It is almost as if she looks at me and says to herself, "mom, how do you not have your hands constantly in your mouth? It is the best thing ever!" I don't know if it is the taste or what, but they totally out do the binky now. I wish I could be this excited about my hands. So, when learning how to use these amazing things, we have had a few hiccups. First off, if we put any toy in her hands, she immediately grasps on (woo hoo!) and then proceeds to hit herself in the head with the toy (not so woo hoo...) so we have to watch that carefully. And although I am sure it was a mistake, she has picked up her binky several times. Again, I wish I could be this excited about my hands.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin go Braugh!

Please note that this picture was staged simply to create an image that the onesie, was in fact, accurate.

St. Patrick's Day is here, and with that comes green beer, shamrocks, and the luck of the Irish. Today was a fabulous day for the Poland family. First and foremost, we found out that Aunt Erin is engaged! CONGRATS AUNT ERIN AND UNCLE TODD (soon to be official). We are SO HAPPY FOR YOU! As you can see, Mallory is very happy for you and made her own sign. We love you!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

2 Month Check Up

At two months old (well, slightly over) Mallory was due for her check up and her first round of vaccinations. It seems that I had been dreading this moment since I found out I was pregnant. Well, this moment along with her first date, graduation day, and the day she moves out of the house. I left work, drove quickly but carefully home, picked up Mallory and headed to the Doctor's office. Marc met us in the parking lot before we went in. I required he be there since I knew this was going to be harder on me then it was on her. I needed the additional support. Her stats and check up went great. She is in the 70th percentile for head circumference, 90th percentile for height (23.5 inches) and 50th percentile for weight (10 lbs.) The Doctor said that she was holding her head up extremely well and was able to witness her attempt at rolling over. Apparently she is ahead of the game on that. She hasn't made it over yet, but can roll herself up from her back to her side.

Then came the shots. They did them quickly and there was a slight delay in reaction on Mallory's face. She was fine and then all of the sudden it was a cry unlike any of the others. The cry of pain. Almost instantaneously I was crying. Thank goodness daddy was there to keep us calm. I will say after she calmed down, she was just fine. No crankiness or fever, just her normal self. She smiled, ate, and went to bed without any complaints. Now, let's just hope next time I can control my tears and then everything should be okay.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Band Practice Turned Play Group

Here is Abbey, Amy, and Mallory while watching Lady & the Tramp.

Little Liam enjoyed Mallory's floor gym during his visit.

Getting ready for their gig in New Washington, Marc's band held practice on Sunday to go over their play lists. The Banjo player, Eric lives in Medina, OH and made the the long trip down to attend practice, like he does whenever he can. However, this time, his wife (Amy) and kids were in tow. Amy hasn't been to Columbus since Mallory was born, so we decided to use the opportunity of Band practice to introduce Mallory to her and the kids. While we were at it, we invited the rest of the Tommacco wives over for one big play group. Mallory had a very hard time staying awake during nap time to play with little Abbey, Griffin, & Liam. Let's just say that she slept very well that night - once we got her to actually fall asleep!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome to the Nieghborhood

This weekend, with the crazy Ohio 70 degree weather, the Poland family made a point to go out and go for a walk. Being that this was a first time out, the neighbors seemed to pour out of their houses too. Because of this, Mallory was the hit of the neighborhood. Everyone seemed very excited to finally see the baby outside of my stomach. There was barely time for a real walk!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Man Ivan is growing up...

Every time we go to see Ivan, I cannot wrap my head around how fast he has grown. It seems like such a short time ago that he was Mallory's size, dependent on those around him to lay him down, prop him up, and move him from place to place. Now, he is running (not walking) all over the place, feeding himself, playing with his toys, and talking! He is so self sufficent compared to his little cousin Mallory. It makes me realize how quickly time is going to go by for her too. I guess there is truth to the saying "they grow up so fast." We always have a great time when we spend time with Little Ivan....slowly becoming big Ivan.

There were three in the bed and the little one said "roll over, roll over..."

No More Paparazzi!!!

You know, being Mallory is hard work. First of all, she gets tossed around like a football - constantly going from person to person. Each person of course, showering her with love and attention. Secondly, she is always in the limelight. Whether it is Grandma & Grandpa, Auntie & Uncle, or just Mom & Dad, we always are staring at her, watching for her next move. But Lastly, and most importantly, there is a constant flash in her eyes as the camera continuously goes off. As you can see, Todd is chased by the paparazzi too. At least she has someone who understands her pain. Oh, the paparazzi will not quit! Being a baby is a difficult job, but somebody has to do it.

Grandpa Morley, Mallory, & the love bug.

Awe, what a cute picture. This is one of many visits made by Grandpa Morley and it just so happens this picture became post worthy. I love the fact that Mallory is so alert and wide - eyed in this photo, and it isn't a bad one of Grandpa either. Please note the one slipper on Mallory's right foot. This is one of her "love bugs" which was a Valentine's gift from Deb. They are very cute, but we did have some trouble keeping them on. I think they will probably fit perfectly for Valentines day next year.