Monday, March 21, 2011

First Walk of the Year

Earlier this month, Mallory and I ventured outside for the first walk of the year. Since then, we have had much warmer days, but this particular day was warmer then any for awhile which meant we were getting out of the house.

In addition, I had just gone shopping and purchased a new hat and two pairs of sunglasses for our upcoming trip. Since the moment I pulled them out of the bag and showed her, Mallory has insisted on wearing her hat and glasses everywhere. As you can tell, the weather was overcast, but in Mallory's eyes, it was still necessary to wear her "pul-ple" glasses (which coincidentally make her look a little like Elton John).

On our walk around the short block (which took about as long as it would take me to walk a mile or so) consisted of stopping to pick up rocks, explore acorns & "prickly'," and to stop and look up at the sky to exclaim "PLANE!! MOMMA!!! PLANE!!!" Oh to be two again....

Brotherly Love

If I ever have little boys, I hope they are as lively, sweet, creative and fun as these boys. I had the pleasure of watching the boys while Mommy & Daddy had a date. At first, I was very disappointed that Mallory couldn't join us. She was home ill and I didn't want to expose the boys to whatever she had. Although I wish she could have played with her cousins, I really enjoyed my time alone with the boys. My favorite thing to watch was them interacting with each other. Everett spots Ivan out of the corner of his eye and immediately begins to smile. He is so fond of his older brother. In turn, Ivan is so aware of Everett and plays the role of older brother with great ease. He knows how much Everett adores him and eats it up.

I could watch these two play together for hours.

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Valentine

Valentines Day 2011 consisted of chocolates, hearts, and a special heart Dora book. This combination made for a happy Mallory. Not expecting anything special, when I told her that Mommy and Daddy got her a present, her eyes popped wide open in pure amazement and wonder. "Present???"

After opening the bag of goodies and getting over the initial excitement, Mallory was even kind enough to share with Daddy.

Happy Valentines Day.