Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fathers Day Weekend

Chilling out with Aunt Erin

This was the visitor in Grandma and Papaw's backyard. This turtle was HUGE and apparently was a snapping turtle. We kept our distance, but managed to get a good shot.
Grandma and Baby Everett
Is that a smile I see? Someone loves his Grandma.

Fun in the pool!

It is in the moments where he thinks I am not looking that I notice the power that Mallory has over him. The pride I see when she smiles or accomplishes something new (which seems to be daily) and the vulnerability that shows when she runs to him saying "daddy, daddy" and jumps into his arms for a hug.

This little girl has an extreme power over us and let's hope that she never realizes she has this power.

We celebrated Dad over Fathers Day and it was a weekend full of appreciation and fun. Aunt Erin and Uncle Todd came into town to participate in the biggest and best kickball tournament the Morley's have ever seen. It was intense. However, I cannot even remember who won! We also traveled out to see Grandma and Papaw and enjoyed a refreshing dip in the pool.

Daddy does so much for us and Mallory and I both want him to know that his efforts and actions don't go unnoticed even though credit isn't always given when it is due. We love you Daddy, you are a great father, partner, and friend.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mid-Week Memories 06/16/2010

Another Wednesday with Ivan, Everett, and Aunt Lori. We had some more fun outside in the water and enjoyed more awake time with Everett. Mallory liked to pat his head (which made mom nervous) almost like he was one of the dogs at home. Ivan loves his brother and spent a lot of time watching him and very aware where he was and what he was doing. I think I see a lot of his mommy now when I look at him.

I think one of my favorite moments of the day was when Ivan approached me with an incredibly concerned look on his face.
Meekly, he looked up at me and said "Aunt Kristen?"
"Yes Ivan?" I replied,
"Um...Mallory isn't wearing any pants."
"That's right Ivan, Mallory is wearing a dress."
"Mommy says I have to wear pants..."
He was SO confused as to why Mallory wasn't wearing any pants. I think he still probably thinks I am a little off my rocker for putting Mallory in what to him was just an over sized shirt.

The kids played outside and inside while we took pictures and talked. It was a nice morning. Hopefully next week we can make it to the zoo...but with the humidity being the way it is, that may just be a wish. Until next time...wear pants.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Buckets of water, blocks, and Dad

It is absolutely amazing what a bucket of water and a measuring cup can do. This served as pure amazing entertainment to Mallory for up to an hour last Sunday. We went to visit Grandma Sachs and due to the rain, a lonely bucket on the porch had collected some water. As soon as she spotted it, Mallory was playing in it. We aided her by giving her a measuring cup which she repeatedly filled with water and then transferred to the porch. Watching it made me wish I was that easily amused as an adult. I will just live vicariously through my child.

When we came home, I broke out the blocks that Aunt Lori let us borrow and scattered them on the living room floor. This too was incredibly exciting. Mallory stacked them up higher and higher then proceeded to crash into them, slightly resembling Godzilla while doing so. Once they fell to the ground, she giggled and giggled just to stack them up again.

After all that playing, she was very tired and even went to bed 20 mins earlier then normal. Not, of course, before spending some quality time with Dad on the couch :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Discovering the Sprinkler

I think we may have outdone ourselves. There may be nothing better in her world right now then the Ducky Sprinkler. Not only is "ducky" one of her all time favorite things to say (every bird or animal that may slightly resemble a bird is a "ducky") but now, this particular ducky attaches to the hose to create a sprinkler to run through.

Marc brought it home one evening before it was too warm to actually hook it up and try it out. Therefore, Ducky resided in the playroom and was played with often before he was dragged outside and hooked up to the hose. Marc was not home when I hooked this up by myself and either Ducky is a little cheap or I used too much water pressure, because Ducky could not stand upright. Of course, I attempted to adjust him several times which resulted in my getting drenched. Nonetheless, it was worth it.

She was confused at first, wondering why Ducky was outside of the playroom and why he was streaming water out of is wobbly head, but as soon as she checked it out closer, she was a fan. She stood in awe and then would muster up the courage to try and touch the stream of water. When she would do this, oh my goodness it was the funniest thing EVER! She laughed and laughed and laughed. Ducky the Sprinkler was worth every penny.

Now she will sit at the door and whine "owesigh, owesigh" (or better known to us as "outside, outside") and when she does get to go out she will run up to the hose where Ducky stands proudly and pick him up to give him a hug. Lucky Ducky.