Thursday, September 23, 2010

Babies & Football

I always pictured Mallory more of a tomboy. I am not sure why, but I just always have. Maybe it is her fascination with dirt, worms, and mud. Maybe it is because she looks a little out of place all dolled up. Or maybe it is because she loves playing with her toy cars. Whatever the reason is, I never thought that she would be into baby dolls - especially at this age. I was wrong. Mallory LOVES her baby.

The sitter informed me of her obsession with the stroller several weeks before I broke down and bought her one. Then, after seeing pictures of her playing baby dolls with the other girls, I knew we needed a baby doll. She already had one from Grandma Preston that she would hug and kiss and rock, but she got another one to make a family of three. She talks to her baby, feeds her baby, changes her diaper, and even drops her off and picks her up. She will always drop the baby off with Daddy (apparently she doesn't trust me) and then scream "bye Dada! Bye Mama! Bye Baby!" and walk the stroller around the kitchen and dining room only to loop around and pick the baby up again. This can go on all night at times.

In addition to the baby, Daddy and her went to the mall one afternoon and came back with a Brown's football that she apparently picked out (tomboy?) That evening, we hiked her the ball, threw it, and chased he down. I think she is getting the concept of football now, especially when Daddy tackles her. She doesn't put up much a fight, but I am pretty sure being tackled is her favorite part of the game.

Just picking the baby up from the sitter (Daddy)
Giving baby a much needed hug
Time to fee baby!
Playing football with Daddy
And she's down!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spending the Day with the Boys

For Aunt Lori's birthday, her and Mike decided to have a day of shopping! In turn, Mallory, Marc, & I got to spend the entire day with the boys. First of Everett is amazing. I cannot not believe this tiny little baby who seems so small can roll over so frequently and so quickly. He is a tumbler! He seems so happy to be on his tummy too, which is completely new to me considering Mallory screamed in complete horror every time she was on her tummy at his age. He is just growing so fast. He is so happy too. Any time you raise your voice a couple octaves and smile at him, he quickly returns the smile and glances away, almost embarrassed. Such a happy baby and so good.

Of course, Mallory and Ivan had a fantastic time spending the day together. They played, ran, ate, and played some more. They were so great with each other too - never fighting and sharing very well. Ivan watched Mallory closely almost like he was taking care of her. You can tell that he is a big brother. The more time they spend together the more fun they have. I am very certain that they will remain great friends as they get older - remembering all the fun times growing up.

Anytime you need someone to stay with the boys, Aunt Lori & Uncle Mike - we are there :)

This is the zoo that Ivan and I built together. Miraculously, the animals all seemed to get along fine in the same cage.

I can only imagine what is going on out in the yard. Some sort of gathering of grass, I believe.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Sunny Days of Vacation

Ahhh...sun. See, there was eventually some sunny days on our trip to the Cape.

Mallory was fearless when it came to the ocean. We went to Lighthouse Beach and set up camp not sure what she would do. Last year at the beach, she was frightened of the ocean and preferred to just sit in her little beach tent and play in the sand. This year however, she ran fearlessly toward the water. In fact, I think if we weren't there to hold her back she would have dove in head first.

One of my favorite things in the entire world is swimming in the ocean. I know you either love it or you hate it, but the mystery of not knowing what is swimming around me does not bother me. If I can't see it, it isn't there, right? This trip was different. No swimming in the ocean for me. It wasn't because there were Great White Shark sightings all over the Cape either. No, that water was FREEZING. I am not sure how Mallory bared to even put her toes in it. I remember the water always being colder up there, but I still remember swimming in the ocean with my brother and sister when we were younger. There is no way I was getting in that water without a wet suit. I am sure Mallory would have if I would have let her, and I still can't fathom how.

So, to wrap up our vacation pics, here are some sunny day memories. Can't wait until the next family vacation :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA

One day trip on our vacation was to the Heritage Museum in Sandwich, MA. Still located on the Cape, but over an hour drive away from Chatham where we were staying. When I heard the word "Museum" I shuddered, picturing Mallory run a muck through a breakable, quiet, room. However, my aunt assured me it was a great idea and I heard the work "carousel" which immediately perked me up. So, we made the journey and prepared ourselves for the unknown.

Heritage Museum was beautiful. Although it was cloudy, the sun did decide to finally show itself later in the day. It was all outdoors and filled with beautiful gardens, plants, and waterfalls. There were indoor sections as well, including the carousel, the automobile museum, and some other collectable pieces for viewing.

Mallory did very well and had a great time. I am pretty sure riding the horse on the carousel with mom was the best part. A constant smile streamed across her face as daddy attempted to capture the moment in a picture.

Can you tell Aunt Linda is a retired art teacher?

Deep Thoughts; by Dan Morley
Playing some music in Hidden Hollow
The Maze at Heritage

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Rainy Days of Vacation

2010 vacation has been planned since January. The plan was simple. Aunt EE (this is what Mallory calls her now) & Uncle Todd would head out to Grauntie Linda's house in Chatham, MA (On Cape Cod) on Thursday, 08/19 and stay for a long weekend to leave on Monday, 08/23. Marc, Mallory, and I would show up Saturday, 08/21 and stay for a week, through 08/28. Grandma Sachs & Uncle Dan, where scheduled to show up Tuesday, 08/24 and stay for a week, leaving Tuesday, 08/31. The plan was solid. The plan was good. The plan would lead us to cold and rainy days.

I know there is no way of knowing what the weather will be. I know that it is something that we cannot control. But it was so upsetting! We still had fun, don't get me wrong, but to have 4 of your 7 days being rain and chilly weather (in the 50s) is somewhat disconcerting.

I will say the sunny days were beautiful (more pics to come) but I thought we would start out with the rainy day pictures. It was hard to keep ourselves busy, but we managed. We did some shopping while it sprinkled, took some walks when the rain let up, and even played at the public library that had a wonderful children's section. I will say that even in the rain, Cape Cod is beautiful. Something about New England has always made me stop in my tracks. The scenery is beautiful - full of little cottages, unique store fronts, sailboats galore! So much simplicity in such a neat place.