Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ally & Mallory

We decided to try out Mallory's floor gym for the first time today and it was a hit! She loved being on the floor and loved staring at the animals hanging from above. She especially enjoyed the hippo that vibrates when you pull on it. As she was playing, Ally decided to see what all the fuss was about and decided to lay down with Mallory as she played on the floor gym. She laid there with her the entire time she was on the floor and made sure she didn't get into any trouble. I think Mallory has a new friend.

More Visitors!

Mallory was able to meet her Great Aunt Jill and her second cousins Jen and Anna over the weekend and had a great time with them.

Tiffany and two of her boys came over to meet Mallory too. Here are some pics of Conner (her oldest) and Rylan (her youngest - just 2 months old!) We missed Oliver (her middle son) but know that Mallory will meet him soon.

After Mallory's doctors appointment, we decided to stop by and see Nye at work. It was very nice to see everyone from FLG/Lodging first again.

Sarah and Jen came by on the weekend to see Mallory and give her lots of attention. She loved every second of it.

Here is Stephanie with Mallory, enjoying nap time as usual.

Nate and Jenny came over and spent some time with Mallory. They also brought her the cutest little outfit. Mallory was very content and comfortable in their arms.

Over the last couple weeks, Mallory has had so many visitors come to see her. We are so thankful and happy to have such great friends and family. Here are some pictures of her with her many visitors.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mallory's visit with Great Grandma

On our first social visit out of the house, mommy, daddy, and Mallory decided to go and visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Morley. We headed over around lunch time, and brought Great Grandpa his favorite - Tommy's pizza. Great Grandma fed Mallory a bottle and followed it up with a nap in her arms.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mallory's Photoshoot

On Mallory's 1 week birthday, she had her picture taken for her Newborn photos. Although the pictures have not been posted yet, the photographer posted several on her blog that turned out really well. Here are the ones that she posted. I can't wait to see them all!!

Grandparents day

The day started off like any other. Mallory and I woke up around 8:00 and we both ate breakfast. Then, she hung out with Daddy while I got ready for the day. Around lunch time, Grandma and Grandpa Sachs came over for a visit. They brought us Gyro's for lunch and we all enjoyed lunch while Mallory snoozed. Then it was play time. She got so much attention. Then, just as Grandma and Grandpa Sachs were leaving, Grandma & Grandpa Preston came over along with Aunt Kelly and Cousin Ivan. They brought us potato soup for dinner and also showered Mallory with attention. No one told me that when you have a baby, you get so much free food. How am I ever going to lose this baby weight? It was very wonderful to have Grandparents day here at home. Everyone enjoyed the company and Mallory was spoiled rotten with hugs and kisses and attention.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kitty Comforts

Okay - for those of you who don't know what Kitty Comforts is, let me explain. Growing up in the Morley household, my mother would always refer to being extremely comfortable as "Kitty Comforts." The reason for this is, that she realized that no matter how a cat is laying - no matter how strange the position, they always looked incredibly comfortable. So, when you are on the couch, under a comfy blanket, and SUPER comfortable, you were known to have "Kitty Comforts." In the tradition of Kitty Comforts, I had to post these pics...

Quality time with Grandpa Morley

Shortly after arriving home, the visitors started stopping by. Grandpa Morley is the closest to us and has stopped by many times just for a quick visit. Whenever Grandpa comes by, he picks her up and she immediately begins to poop. I don't know what it is, but you will always be able to see the "poop face" when Grandpa Morley is around. He also takes out her binky and insists that she does not need it (and she usually doesn't when Grandpa is around).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mallory's first bath

On the Tuesday after we got home from the hospital, Marc and I prepared ourselves to give Mallory her first bath. We decided to wait until aunt Lori got home from work (Lori, Mike, and Ivan were staying with us) so that she could help guide us as we did this for the first time. Because Mallory's umbilical cord had not fallen out, we couldn't put her in her infant tub and had to give her a sponge bath. We started at her head and worked our way down to her toes. Mallory loved getting her hair washed and was quite content. However, as we moved to her face and body, the crying started. Finally, we were able to finish and get her all nice and clean. After drying her off with her towel, we couldn't help but laugh at her peach fuzz hair that stuck up on end. How cute.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cousin Ivan discovers Mallory

After several days of trying to get Ivan to notice his new little cousin Mallory, he finally realized that there was a live baby in the house. He suddenly was walking up to the pack-n-play trying to sneak a peak over the top and look at the baby. However, he became quite frustrated when he realized he wasn't tall enough to see the baby. So, with a little help from mom, Ivan was able to see the baby and he seemed excited about his new little cousin.

Welcome Home Mallory!

On Sunday, January 4th, we were discharged from the hospital and made our way home. Mallory loved the car and went right to sleep. When we got home we slowly introduced Mallory to her new home and to her new pets, Ally & Mo. They both were very good and gentle with Mallory. They both slowly approached her in her car seat and just sniffed softly.

The first night was pretty tough. Mallory did not want to sleep in her bassinet and wanted to be held constantly. It was our first real taste of sleepless nights. However, since then we have had some really good nights and I think we are finally getting settled and used to each other and the nights have gotten much easier.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Limerick for Mallory

Here is a limerick written by our good friend Mark S. for Mallory:

Happy Birthday little Mallory Allyn
The heart of your dad, you're corrallin'
He loves you quite dear
Please keep that thought near
For at 16, you'll think that he's Stalin

So many Visitors!

Mallory was born on a Friday morning and was brought home on the following Sunday at noon. While we staying at Riverside, she had plenty of visitors that stopped to welcome her into the world and into their lives.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mallory Allyn Poland was born on January 2nd, 2009 at 7:24am. Wieghing 7 Lbs 11 ozs and measuring in at 20 inches. Mother and Daughter are doing well. Pictures and other fun stuff to come, but until then, enjoy this link....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mallory!

Early morning January 2nd, 2009, Marc and I made the trip to the hospital to bring our daughter into the world. It was 2:30 AM and the contractions were unlike any pain I had ever had. By the time I checked into Labor and Delivery at Riverside, I was at 8cm and 100% effaced. I was granted my epidural immediately and after a total of 11 hours of labor and 1 hour of pushing, Mallory Allyn Poland was born at 7:24 AM at 7lbs 11ounces and 20 inches. I speak for both Marc and myself when I say this was the most rewarding expierience of our lives. To hold this beautiful little girl in our arms after nine months of waiting to meet her, it was impossible not to cry. She is perfect and beautiful and everything we thought she would be.

Grandma Sachs was in the delivery room with us and after she was born she was quickly greeted by Grandpa Morley, Grandma and Grandpa Preston, aunt Lori, and aunt Kelly. She also was able to meet Aunt Erin over the phone as she drove in from Chicago at 2:30 AM! Mallory was so excited to meet her new loving family.

Through out the day, Mallory received a lot of visitors. She met Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Morley, Uncle Dan, Grandpa Sachs, Aunt Erin, Uncle Mike, Cousin Ivan, Sarah, Brooke, Tiffany, Mark, Nancy, Andrea, and Mike. Thank you all for coming and sharing this special time with us and Mallory.

Today has been the best day of Marc and My lives and we are so happy to welcome our little miracle Mallory into the world.