Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Bosom Buddies 2009

On Sunday, The Bosom Buddies (Team name new this year, but I think it will stick) rolled out of bed early and headed downtown for the Breast Cancer walk. In support of Grandma, Great Aunt Pearl, Great Grandma Schork (and many others) we laced up our tennis shoes and walked. We missed some original team member faces who couldn't be there to walk and welcomed a couple new ones. Some people just donated while others just walked, but all together we reached our team goal of $500 thanks to team captain Aunt Lori and everyone else who gave. This was Mallory's second time on the walk, but first time on the walk out of my belly! I will say, last year doing this walk 3 months away from giving birth was a little tiring, this year pushing the stroller was much better.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Because

Funny faces just because she can.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

As of October 14th, Grandma Preston is officially one year older. Naturally, a celebration was in order. Last Sunday we went out to Grandma's house and enjoyed the beautiful weather while celebrating the day Grandma was brought into the world. Ivan was there, busy as could be and despite the lack of nap, they both seemed very happy and playful. At least for a little while...

Thank you Grandma for inviting us over to help you celebrate another year and thank you for being you. Mallory is so lucky to have such a loving and caring Grandma that will always be there (especially when mom and dad aren't being fair). We look forward to many more birthdays and many more memories.

We love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple Picking

This weekend Mallory and I strapped on our boots (well our tennis shoes) threw on the bibs (well our jeans) and headed out to the farm. Who am I kidding? We are SO from the city. Regardless, we did in fact drive 45 mins out to some farmland and picked some fresh, right off the tree, apples. We tagged along with Aunt Lori, Uncle Mike, and Ivan on this fantastic adventure.

Muddy feet and a dirty car later, we have two 20lb bags of delicious apples AND some Asian Pears. Mallory wasn't quite into the whole experience, and spent most of her time in her stroller attempting to stay warm. It interrupted her morning nap and she was quite out of it through most of it. In fact, at the end when we were shopping in the farmers market, she was passed out on my shoulder. However, Ivan was really getting into it and enjoyed tugging those apples right off the trees!

After apple picking, we went back to Lori, Mike, and Ivan's and watched the game and cooked with our apples. I made a wonderful apple cake completely from scratch. Ok...well, I cracked some eggs and Lori did the rest, but I definitely contributed. That is a HUGE step up for me. Mallory woke up and was very playful once we got back to their house and had a ball with Ivan. Needless to say, she slept well that night. Just watching that little man tuckers her out.

Hopefully this can become a yearly tradition, we had a great time even if we will be eating apples until 2010. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend with Great Grandma

Last weekend was dedicated to Great Grandma Morley. Mallory and I spent all day Saturday there and then most of Sunday morning. Marc traveled to Bloomington to go to the game, so Mallory and I spent most of our time visiting the Morley's. Erin and Todd tagged along and we just relaxed, watched the game, and talked with the Great Grandparents.

I grew up right around the corner from Grandma Morley's so you can imagine all the amazing memories I have with her. I literally crossed the street, jumped a fence and I was standing in her backyard. Her house is like home to me. Since my parents don't still live in the house I grew up in, this is the next best thing. As soon as I walk in the door, my muscles seem to fall, and just immediately relax. It is difficult to even sit on the couch without it engulfing me and me being so comfortable, so at peace, that I just fall asleep. Mallory must have felt the same way because she napped like she was at home while we were there. Sleeping 3+ hours without a peep in her pack in play. Impressive.

Looking around their house, the memories just pour into my mind. I can remember holidays, weekends, cookouts, overnights, and so much more. Over the weekend I sat and watched Mallory play. I watched her crawl around the house, exploring every twist and turn. I watched her smile up at Great Grandma and Grandpa and giggle as she attempted to push the buttons on their TV. I watched her roll the ball back and forth with Grandpa and no one else (I tried, but she would only do it with Great Grandpa!) As I watched all this, I felt so at peace and so happy that she was beginning to make the same kind of memories that I did in that very same house. It was such a comforting feeling that brought me right back to my childhood, sitting in the same room, playing with the same things.

Thank you Great Grandma and Grandpa for making those memories so special and helping build the same ones with Mallory. We love you.

I don't think this one fits Aunt Erin...
Great Grandma with her new favorite gift, the Snuggie!
Full shot of the Snuggie
Getting ready to watch the Buckeyes

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ryan's Room and Cousin Ivan

Last weekend was incredibly busy and fun for the Poland household. Cousin Ivan came over on Friday night while Aunt Lori and Uncle Mike celebrated 4 years of marriage (Happy Anniversary Lomax's!) Mallory adores Ivan and loves watching him. He is a very active little boy and always has a lot to do. This is ideal for Mallory - she can just sit and watch him go, go, go.

In addition to Ivan coming over, Aunt Erin and Uncle Todd came into town. Wouldn't you know, Aunt Erin brought Mallory a gift...a rather large gift. Introducing, "Ryan's Room." Who Ryan is, I am not sure, but that is the name of the toy - if you would even call it a toy, it is more like a play house with tunnels. "Ryan's Room" consists of two play houses (one looks like a house, the other like a small tent) and then two tunnels (one connecting the house and tent, and one leading out of the fort). Mallory was slightly intimidated by the giant toy, but Ivan LOVED it. He was crawling through the entire thing over and over as Mallory watched. It was pure chaos and so much fun. Aunt Erin began chasing Ivan through the fort and she quickly became his new buddy.

Later in the weekend, when Ivan had gone home, we did get Mallory to sit in the tent and even crawl through one of the tunnels once it was detached. In good time she will use the whole thing, but for now, the tunnel is her favorite part.
Where is Ivan going?
There he is!
Lil' Buckeye
Now, what do I do now that I am in here?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Snacking and Watching the Game

So, it turns out that Mallory's friend Liam, has a lot in common with her. He enjoys smiling, pulling himself up on anything that appears stable, crawling, watching OSU, and snacking.

Last weekend Liam and his daddy came over to watch the game with us. Mallory and Liam get along great and enjoyed watching each other crawl around the room. Mallory studied him very closely as he is a pro at pulling himself up and standing which is something she has not quite mastered yet (although she does try very hard). Towards the end of the first half, they appeared to want a snack. Mallory was shaking her puffs container like it was a maraca and getting a little fussy. In efforts to create a sanitary, yet stable location to dump the snacks so that they could both eat from the same pile, I poured them on to a small surface I put on top of the carpet. Needless to say, they began banging on it and it was suddenly raining cheerios and puffs. I learned my lesson and they had fun.

Again with the camera, mom? Geez.
There are even more toys in here!
This is a tasty musical instrument
Post cheerio and puff rain storm.