Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Girl Bath

This weekend, we put the infant tub in storage and let Mallory try her hand at a big girl bath in the regular tub. She did fabulous. She sat up on her own the whole time and loved it. There is much more room to splash in the big tub and a lot more toys. I have a feeling that bath time will become one of her favorite times.

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Friday night we took Mallory to the 2009 Jazz and Rib fest to see the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Mallory had a great time and jammed all night long. Well, not really. She ended up falling asleep shortly after the band went on, but she still enjoyed being outside and people watching. Our friends Amber and Heath went down with us and Mallory loved playing with Amber. I think she has a new buddy.

Gracie's Headband & Baby Parker

Just last week, there was a big change at Miss Kissy's house. Baby Parker started coming every day to join the group. He is ADORABLE, but I must admit, Mallory isn't giving Kristy up without a fight. His first day there, she reached for Miss Kristy while in my arms, when she saw her paying attention to the new baby. She wrapped her hands around her arm as if to claim her or say "no, this is MY miss Kissy." Although it slightly broke my heart, it was very cute to watch. However, over the course of the week she got better about sharing her sitter with the new little boy.

A great distraction are little Gracie and Oliva. They adore Mallory and she adores them. They keep her busy by playing with her and making her laugh. Last Friday, I convinced them to let me take some pictures since I happened to have the camera in the car. Gracie loaned Mallory her headband for the quickie photoshoot and we got some great pics.

Sittin' Pretty

Just a couple of pictures of Mallory the other night before bed playing on her changing table. Now that she is sitting up, she loves to sit up on her changing table and grab at the blinds on the window. Because of this, I can't turn my back for a second. However, she is getting better and better at her balance every day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is not what I sent Mallory to the sitters in today but this is what she was wearing when I picked her up. When I walked through Kristy's door and saw her sitting on the floor in this little number, I lost it. She looked Adorable. I had to snap some pictures when we got home. The thing about Miss "Kissy" (as the children call her) is that she tends to always have my child in clothing that I have never seen before. Thanks to many hand-me-downs and to the fact that she, herself will buy Mallory clothes, there are so many cute little surprises that I walk into. However, never anything quite as adorable and flashy as this. The best part about this little number is that the skirt is sparkly and shiny which kept Mallory's attention all evening.

I would also like to point out that Mallory is sitting herself. I am not sure when this happened, but a week or so ago she just woke up one morning "knowing" how to sit up on her own and now she is a pro. There is a new baby at the sitters and watching him is reminding me how quickly time is moving. I feel like it was just last week that she couldn't hold her head up, let alone sit up. Crazy.

My little Tinkerbell.

Great Grandma's Birthday

Ramona Morley just had her 81st birthday last week. Happy Birthday to an amazing Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, and to just an amazing woman. We love you so much!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My friend Liam

Mallory and Liam playing on the blanket. Liam smiled for the camera, but Mallory thought it was more appropriate to eat her hands for the camera.
Wanna play?
How about I eat my hands while I watch you play...

Or, better yet - why don't I eat your hands!
You're a weird chick.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daddy's Hat

Although she does have a large head size, she doesn't quite fit into Daddy's hat. Almost though....almost.

Mommy's Day Off

Last week Mallory's sitter was on vacation, so we needed to find a sitter for Monday - Friday. Grandma watched her Monday, Wednesday, & Friday and I took Tuesday off while Marc took Thursday. On my day home with Mallory, we decided to go down to Deer Creek State Park, have lunch, go swimming, and enjoy the nature.

This was Mallory's first time trying out her new baby boat and she loved it. We started in the warmer indoor pool and then made our way out to the baby pool. The baby pool happened to be completely empty, which was perfect for us. I put her in the baby pool with her baby boat and suddenly she was unstoppable. The baby pool was 1 foot deep making it the perfect depth for her to go cruising. She ran around in circles (the pool was a circle shaped) and just laughed and laughed.

We had such a wonderful day that it made me want to quit my job and be a stay at home mom. How wonderful it would be if every day was Mommy's day off.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Festivities

The 4th of July has always been a busy holiday for me. Growing up there was the parade, cookout at Grandma's, followed by the fireworks. It was always a day jam packed with things to do and see. The following day, we usually also have a cookout at my mother's as well. This year we did all of those things, with the exception of the parade. I went back and fourth about whether or not we should get up and go to the parade, but in the end decided that may be too much for Mallory in one day and decided to try for it next year.


Grandma's cookout was wonderful. Uncle Dan made fabulous gourmet burgers, Mallory got to play with the doggies, and it turned out to be a beautiful day for pictures and a swim. Sorry for the picture overload, but there were so many good ones it was hard for me to choose!


**Here is a flashback of Ivan last year - look how much he has changed!!**

This year, was the second year in our family tradition of seeing the fireworks with Aunt Lori, Uncle Mike, and Cousin Ivan. Last year was Ivan's first time seeing the fireworks and Mallory was still in my belly. At the time, Ivan was almost 8 months old and we were not sure how he would react to the loud noise in the sky. Surprisingly, Ivan slept through the entire show. Lori was trying to wake him up just to get a reaction!

This year was Mallory's turn. We decided to go to the Dublin fireworks as we were able to go to Marc's work to view them. This way, if Mallory didn't like them, we could get out easy and quickly as our car was close by and it wasn't too crowded. However, there was no need. Mallory was awake and watched for the first five minutes or so and then nodded off not to wake again. Even during the finale when the fireworks were the loudest, she still remained sound asleep.

Ivan, however, LOVED them. He sat in his stroller pointing in the sky studying them each time they exploded. He even looked at us a couple of times exclaiming "Look! Look!" while pointing into the air. It was as if he didn't think we could see them or we didn't know what was going on. He was adorable. We had a great time and can't wait to see how they both are next year.


The cook out at Great Grandma's was enjoyable and relaxing. Mallory got to swing on the big swing, nap outside, and visit with her extended family. Marc and I stuffed our face with way too much food and wanted to doze off with her as she took her naps. However, before we stuffed ourselves silly, we did manage to get some great shots of Mallory in her red, white, and blue dress.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Monkey's at the zoo (and I don't mean Ivan and Mallory...)

Today we went to the zoo with Kelly, Mike, Lori, and Ivan. We had a really great time and spent most of our morning looking at the monkey's. Marc got some really great shots of the animals and of the kids. Even though Mallory had no clue what she was looking at, it was wonderful to go for a nice walk while we enjoyed the animals. Plus, having Ivan there to see his reaction to the animals was quite entertaining!