Monday, March 22, 2010

Look what I can do!

Mallory has mastered the fine and delicate art of getting into her toddler rocking chair all by herself. It is a very entertaining and strategic process, starting with getting into the chair. She will face the chair and begin to climb in like she is attempting to climb Mt Everest. Then, once she is in the chair and on her knees she will peer over the top of the chair and hold on for dear life. Once she has established some sort of balance, she will then proceed to turn around in the chair. She moves slowly and carefully while holding on to the sides, never to let go. She never quite makes it around completely, but sitting sideways doesn't seem to bother her as she claps at her accomplishment.

Lets just hope she doesn't sit down on to chairs like this for her whole life. Either way, we are quite proud of her!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mallory's one year photos

I know it is a little late, but here are Mallory's 1 year photos. Julie Ranee (of Julie Ranee Photography) took these wonderful images for us the beginning of February to help us capture Mallory at one year. Julie also did Mallory's 1 week photo shoot after she was born and did such a great job we had to go back. So excited to finally share them! Enjoy...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday at Grams & Gramps

This past weekend Auntie Erin came into town for the first time since she became a wife! She spent some quality time with Mallory and on Saturday we all went over to Great Grandma (Grams) and Great Grandpa's (Gramps).

While in Hawaii, Aunt Erin and Uncle Todd, bought Mallory her new favorite toy. It is a tiny felt barn that open and closes and houses a pig, cow, rooster, and of course, a ducky. When you squeeze the animals tummy's they all make the appropriate noises and extremely loud, I might add. Mallory would take them out of the barn, line them up, and put them right back in. This happened more times then I can count.

We stayed there all day and just relaxed, ate, and played. Here are a couple shots from our day with Gramps and Grams.

Auntie Erin & Mallory
Mallory and Grandpa playing on the couch
Talking to Gramps in the language only the two of them understand
Showing Grandma pictures from the wedding
No Grams! Pay attention to ME!
It isn't just Mallory that needs cow to sleep soundly
Happy girl

Froggy and the Abacus

For those of you that don't know, Mallory's daddy graduated from College with a Mathematics major and is one of those crazy people who actually enjoys math. To me, this is a concept that I just cannot grasp. Regardless, I was not surprised when we were shopping at Ikea, and he suggested that we bring home an Abacus for Mallory. To my surprise and to his enjoyment, Mallory loves her Abacus and often points at it and squeals until we bring it down to her level to play with.

The other toy that has caught her eye lately, is the wooden frog that rolls on the floor when you pull it on a string. As it rolls, it's legs move up and down causing it to hop. I got her this present for Christmas and she showed absolutely no interest in it until last week. I think the reason that she has suddenly showed so much interest in this toy, is because she has become extremely proficient in her walking skills to the point that she prefers running to walking. Because of this new found coordination she is able to pull the frog as she walk across the room which of course is just wonderful and makes the toy that much better.