Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the Move!

So, it finally happened. She finally started to crawl. She was so close for what seemed like months. She would get on all fours, move her arms forward (as if she was going to crawl) but her legs didn't quite "jive" with her arms, causing her to plummet face first on to the ground. I was starting to wonder if she would ever crawl. She began to attempt to pull herself up on things and just scoot across the floor, which lead me to believe maybe this child would just always scoot and go straight to walking. But finally, she did it. It was last Saturday, September 19th and it was a normal afternoon. Nothing particular happened to make her crawl. No toy was being dangled just out of reach, no dog was laying there enticing her to move, nope. Nothing. I was just sitting on the couch and as I glanced down, I noticed my daughter was crawling across the room. Heading straight for the DVDs. I shrieked, and yelled for Marc to come see. It was pretty exciting. The next two days she wasn't as mobile as I thought she would be. It was almost as if she didn't know that she was in fact, able to move. She would crawl a little bit, stop and sit. Crawl a little, stop and sit. However, tonight there was a lot more movement. She went straight for the floor vents and the outlets (which I was warned, she would do). I still think attempting to push the buttons on the cable box, Wii, and DVD player are her favorite targets...for now.

I attempted to capture this on the camera, however, every time I went to take the picture, she would stop crawling and sit up and look at me. This was the best I could do...

Get out of my way. I have places to go, people to see!
Leaning in to start the crawl.
Destination reached! Books, watch out!
Oh, you wanna take a picture of me crawling? How about I stop, sit and stare at you instead?

On another note, there have been some great new personality characteristics that have started to show. Music. Mallory LOVES music. I don't know many babies who don't, but I just love to watch her dance. Marc will play the drum application on his iPhone and she will just move to the beat. Not too long ago, she started clapping to the music as well. Last weekend, we walked to the Market day down the road from us and there was a band there. The second they started playing, she began clapping in her stroller.

She also has started to eat a little more varieties of table food. This includes small pieces of bread, banana (mushed, of course) and cheerios. She LOVES cheerios. I have to monitor her while she eats them as she tends to stuff as many as she can into her mouth. This scares mommy. Some of her favorite baby foods include: Sweet Potatoes and Turkey, Apples and Chicken, and Peas. The child loves Peas! And, of course, any fruit you put in front of her.

And lastly, she has acquired her two top teeth! They haven't dropped all the way in, but they have both broke through the gums on top. This is a total of 5 teeth, three on the bottom and two on the top.

There is the latest and greatest on miss Mal. More to come... :c)

Grauntie Linda

Grauntie Linda came to town a couple weekends ago and it was a very special time. Ever since Mallory was in my belly, Grauntie Linda has been sending her gifts. Clothing, nursery decor - you name it. We could always tell when we got a gift from Linda because of the clever unique wrapping and cards. I always got excited to see what was inside because it was always something neat and different (and usually from her home town of Chatham, MA which in itself is such a neat little town).

Finally, after hearing me talk about this person, this "Grauntie Linda," Mallory was able to meet her. Of course, Linda brought gifts that we loved and made us smile. Mallory finally was able to put a face to a name. We went to Grandma's for a cookout and then on Monday, Linda decided to come babysit with Grandma and the three of them went to the zoo. I wish I could of been there, but I am glad that Mallory had some bonding time with her Grauntie.

Looking forward to many more visits, and hopefully next year we can venture to Chatham and hang with Linda on the beach.

Lots of love, Grauntie. Thanks for everything.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pre - USC beating OSU.

So I know that the buckeyes lost to USC and I know it was a terrible game, but before they lost, I took these pictures specifically for the blog to show off Mallory's team spirit. We sat in the front yard not far from the two buckeye trees (none have fallen yet, I do have my eyes open) and snapped some photos. I figure even if the buckeyes lost, Mallory still looked cute so the pictures needed to be posted :c) Go Bucks! Maybe next time? **sigh**

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dirty Laundry & The New Bay Window

Here are just some cute pictures we took on Monday morning while I was doing Laundry. Mallory so badly wanted to be in the laundry basket and once she was in there she was the happiest baby ever. Apparently those hundreds of dollars spend on toys, excersaucers, and swings were pointless as a used dryer sheet is much more entertaining.

We also just got a new bay window in our living room (long overdue) so I decided to see what Mallory thought about it since she loves banging on windows. I sat her up there and she was in heaven. Not only did she bang on the window and laugh at herself while doing it, but she also got to look outside in the yard at some squirrels playing on the lawn. That too, was hilarious.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Aunt Lori turned 30 on Friday, September 4th and celebrated with friends and family on Sunday. We had a wonderful time celebrating her birth as well as rubbing it in that she was now 30! There were a lot of new kids and babies for Mallory to meet and by 8:00 she was passed out. We did manage to get a picture of her and Aunt Lori before she passed out in my arms. However, we didn't appear to get one good picture of Ivan! He was way too busy to stand still for the camera. He had to entertain all of mommy's guests!

So, here's to another year Aunt Lori!! We hope you had fun and got everything you were wishing for!! I think you did :c) Happy Birthday.

Football, Volleyball, Food, and Paddle Boats.

Saturday was Mallory's first OSU football game and we wanted to make sure she was dressed the part. Grandma Preston got her this adorable OSU Cheerleaders outfit before she was born and we have been anxiously waiting for her to be able to wear it. Even though it was 12 months and slightly big, it still fit this tall 8 month old and looked adorable.

In addition to the first game, we went to Grandma Sach's for a cookout she threw for uncle Todd's family to come and meet our family as we prepare for Erin and Todd's upcoming nuptials. We played Volleyball, ate great food (thanks Grandma and Uncle Dan), and some even took a romantic ride on the creek in the paddle boat...

Aunt Erin and Mallory awaiting Duncan's arrival after running to retrieve the ball. Mallory loves watching that dog chase that ball!
Hugs and Smiles with Auntie Erin.
Get that hand out of your mouth!
Silly Monkey Face.
Uncle Dan in the "ready position" while playing Volleyball.
Todd and Marc's romantic stroll on the creek in the paddle boat.
Aunt Erin's action shot. Who plays Volleyball in a skirt? This is pure dedication.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Mom and Dave just recently added a new addition to their family. Welcome Bernie. Bernie is a Bernese Mountain Dog who has the potential to be between 70 and 100 lbs! He is a sweet little boy who is all puppy. When we first got there he was full of energy and playing like a mad man. Then suddenly, he disappeared and we found him past out in the flower bed. Mallory seemed more interested in watching Duncan (the other dog) chase the ball then playing with Bernie. However, that may have been a blessing in disguise considering that Bernie is a puppy and therefore, biting (playfully of course). Welcome to the family Bernie!!