Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All About Ev

This post is all about my littlest nephew Ev. This little man turned one this month and here are some pictures from his first birthday party. It turned out to be a day with sunshine so we were even able to go outside for a little while.

Everett got some great gifts and seemed so happy the entire time we were there. He even was nice enough to let his older brother open most of his gifts. However, I think that his favorite endeavour was his first sweet taste of birthday cake. He dug into that cake full force and had the biggest smile on his face. Such a sweet, sweet little boy who seems to be growing up so fast.

Happy Birthday Everett.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day 2011 was awesome, couldn't ask for more. I woke up and spent the day with my family, including a nap with Mallory on the couch. Prior to napping, however, we did go to Aunt Lori & Uncle Mike's for some yummy food and some play time in the yard. It was chilly, but the sun did decide to show it's face late morning and it turned out to be a really nice day. Just for us mom's :) While playing outside we colored a giant cardboard house, did a little gardening and happened upon the dumbest frog I have ever seen. This frog, although quite cute was repeatedly bothered by Ivan and Mallory and still continued to come back for more. It had more than enough chances to take off, but instead - it just sat there waiting for the attention of a two and three year old. Oh well, at least the kids were entertained.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Firefly Cafe with a side of Easter Eggs

There is a hidden gem not too far from us that we just discovered. Although we have only been once, Firefly Play Cafe will become my new rainy day spot. It is an indoor play cafe that is just what mom's with crazy kids on a rainy day ordered. Inside there is huge open space, slides, two play houses, climbing squares, magnets, toy trains, a bounce house, & dress up clothes! Additionally, there is a "cafe" for adults to purchase coffee/drinks and also juice boxes for the kids. There are tables, magazines, and @ 10:30 the day we were there a man came in a played guitar and sang kids songs. The only complaint I have is that there are concrete floors and I did get a little nervous at times. It is clearly stated that you are responsible for your own child when there (just like at a park playground) but unfortunately, not all the parents were watching their kids. I suppose if you are responsible and keep an eye on your little one, there shouldn't be much problem.

Mallory and I were invited to Firefly Cafe by Katherine and Liam. She had been several times and had told me about it so we planned to go on a Wednesday. The kids had so much fun, and I had such a good time watching the two of them together. Katherine watches Mallory on Friday's and often says how well her and Liam play together, but I never really got it until we went here. I am not saying that these two are going to grow up and get married or anything, but there is a definite chemistry between them. While they were there they weren't inseparable by any means, but they were frequently "checking in" with each other. On one of the play houses the door would get jammed and Mallory couldn't open it by herself. She would call for Liam and he would stop what he was doing to go open the door for her. When he ran to the bounce house, he would call after her and she would run along with him almost as to keep him company. And as soon as the guitarist came out, they sat right next to each other on the climbing squares and clapped along with the music.

After our excursion we traveled back to the house and prepared some colored eggs for the Easter Bunny and had lunch. The kids really enjoyed having their artistic outlet and made quite a mess of their hands. However, it was worth it to see how proud they were of their work. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Basking in the Sun

A month after the trip and I am still hearing consistent requests to "go to beach?" or "Mommy, pool?" It breaks my heart to have to explain that we don't have a pool and the beach is not just down the street. I think she is starting to get that we can't just hop in the car and suddenly be at the Gulf, but that doesn't stop her from asking.

This was the first trip we have taken since Mallory has been born that (with the exception of a couple melt downs) was laid back and low maintenance. Prior to this, Mallory was always "out of sorts" because she was being taken out of her home and out of her routine. Although we always had a good time, we found ourselves tending to her more then we would at home and ready to go home when the time came. This time, however, she was very easy going and so happy to be there. She almost always had a smile on her face and you could just tell that she was really having a great time.

In addition, Grandma and Grandpa made it down and back with flying colors. They also had a great time in the sun and it was nice to be able to just walk across the lawn and visit. We could even yell from patio to patio when the sun made us just a little to lazy to get up :)

EE & Mallory playing by the shore line.
Over-exposed picture walking to watch the sunset.
Smiling at Mommy after a giant chocolate cupcake celebrating Uncle Dan and Aunt EE's birthdays.
The troopers watching the sunset.
Walking (or being carried) to the car.
Getting some sun at the beach & pool...

Captain Jim even let Mallory steer the sailboat
Last night in Florida, watching the sunset.