Monday, November 16, 2009

Ivan Turns 2!

Little man Ivan turned two today and on Sunday we went to celebrate his birthday. He got a ton of great new toys and was very busy opening them and then directly handing them to mommy and daddy to "open" them so he could immediately play with them. Mallory enjoyed playing with the scraps of paper after he had opened his gifts and slowly trailed behind him grabbing each scrap she could get her hands on. I can't believe this little boy is already two. Happy Birthday Ivan, we love you!

Ivan's new tool bench and Uncle Marc teaching him about all the tools
Mallory and Bella playing or maybe fighting over the beach ball :)
"Here Mommy, OPEN!"
The Elmo is for Ivan, not you Mike....
"I'm opening it, I'm opening it..."
Marc got to give Ivan his first of probably many potato heads. I think Marc enjoyed playing with it as much as Ivan did.

Happy Birthday Rylan!!

This handsome man just turned one and Mallory and I stopped by to drop off a little gift Saturday night. This is Rylan, my Godson and he is so much fun! He is walking all over the house, being harassed by his older brothers and man is he busy. Mallory just watched him in awe as he moved so quickly around the house. Here a a few pics from our evening with the Thimling's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RY GUY!
Gimme hug.
Oliver and Rylan
Gift number one; no problem.
Gift number two; wait, where is gift number one?
Me, Ry, and big brother Conner.

Indian Summer

This weekend was sunny, beautiful and incredibly warm for November. On Saturday we couldn't stand to be in the house anymore, so Mallory and I went to play outside in the yard. She had a great time crawling through the grass, playing with the leaves, and tormenting the dog through the front door. We even did a little swinging. This was perfect fall weather (even a little warmer) and we took advantage of it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mommy Daughter Weekend Getaway

For the last couple weeks Aunt Erin and I have been attempting a weekend getaway for a sisterly bachorlette party before she is married. It seemed that every time we tried to get away, something would happen preventing us from actually going. Our original plan was to go to Michigan and rent a cottage, but with Erin's busy schedule and constant travelling for work, all she really needed was a weekend at home. So, I took a half day off on Friday and planned on driving to Chicago to keep her company. At the last minute and per her request, I decided to take Mallory with me. This was a win win, as Erin could spend time with her niece and Marc could paint the playroom and get it ready for it's makeover. So, Mallory and I jumped in the car and headed out. She was awesome in the car for me (I was worried since it would just be me) and we only had to stop twice on the way there and on the way home. We didn't do much which was exactly what we wanted to do :). Here are some pics from our mommy daughter trip.

Mallory made herself at home in Aunt Erin and Uncle Todd's new house. She loved exploring some place new.

Mallory and her buddy, uncle Todd.
Here are some snapshots from our afternoon in the park by their house. It was beautiful with all the leaves and sunshine.

Meet Cole. Cole is Erin's friends Amy and Andy's little boy. Only three months old, cute as a button and what a well behaved little boy!

We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back to the big city.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

There is a Giraffe in my yard...

Trick or Treat was last Thursday night in our neighborhood and the weather was perfect. Since Mallory isn't old enough to have candy, we just sat in the front yard and handed out candy. Mallory held the candy bowl and helped hand it out as children came up the driveway. Grandpa stopped by to see her in her costume and of course, eat some of our candy. My 7:15 she was out. Apparently handing out candy is a very tiring job.

Trick or Treat in Marysville
On October 31st, we headed out to Aunt Lori and Uncle Mike's for trick or treat in Marysville as they hold it on the actual holiday. We walked around with Ivan the Lion and yes, that is Elvis (Mason). They all looked adorable and Ivan had a great time going from door to door and getting candy.